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Italian Tiramisu Dessert

TiramisuMost of us may know that in Italian Tiramisu means “pick-me-up”. It has been named for its high energy content and is a dessert avidly enjoyed by the Italians and those who enjoy Italian recipe. There are several stories on how Tiramisu originated. Some people consider it originated from Tuscany while others consider it to be a variation of layered dessert known as Zuppa Inglese. There are sources suggesting that this desert cake was created in Siena in the honour of Cosimo III when he visited the city. There is an actual account of Carminantonio Iannaccone suggesting that he fashioned it in Via Sottotreviso on 24th December 1969 when he was the head chef at Treviso close to Venice. Tiramisu is an Italian recipe dessert made with sponge finger biscuits, coffee, sugar, eggs, cream, cocoa, cheese, rum and wine. Here is a simple Italian recipe dessert which will be a huge success. Ingredients Mascarpone – 1 tub Sugar – 4 tablespoons Eggs – 4 Espresso – 3 espresso cups Sponge fingers – 1 pack Amaretto and brandy- small amount Cocoa powder – dark and bitter Method of Preparation Make espresso and pour it in a wide flat dish to cool. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites extra stiff to add to the airy texture to the crème used later. Place it in the fridge after beating. Beat the egg-yolks next to make it creamy and whitish. Add sugar and a little Amaretto and continue beating. Add mascarpone a little later and beat till homogeneous and nice. You can add a dash of brandy also to give a sharper taste. Place the egg whites beneath the creamy mix, which can be done best with a big flat scraper. Take a small, 18cm×27cm / 7in×11in rectangular pie dish. Dip the bottom of the sponge finger in the espresso quickly and rest it in the dish. You can decide the strength of coffee in the cake here. If you just want a hint dip the sponge fingers momentarily or hold it for a while to get a strong coffee taste. Cover the dish bottom with sponge fingers placed side by side and then sprinkle some Amaretto over them. Add around half the creamy mix over the sponge fingers and repeat the same process of dipping them in espresso, placing them and sprinkling with Amaretto to make the second layer. Place the desert in the fridge for a few hours to allow the sponge fingers to soak in completely. Before serving Tiramisu cake sprinkle a thin layer of the dark cocoa powder on the dish. Enjoy this Italian recipe scrumptious desert that serves 5 to 8 people.

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