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Japanese Sushi Rice Recipe

sushiIf you wish to enjoy one of the most outstanding Japanese Recipe, then you should definitely try Sushi. There are of course a wide range of recipes that can be used for making Sushi but one of the most popular is Sushi rice. Below is the recipe in detail. Ingredients 1. Three cups of sticky rice 2. Three cups of clean water 3. 1/2 cup of rice vinegar 4. One teaspoon of salt 5. 1/4 cup of sugar 6. One tablespoon of vegetable oil These are basically the most important ingredients for you to have when preparing this dish. There are however several other things that you may add depending on the results that you wish to get. Preparation of the Japanese Recipe Once you have all these things, make sure that you wash the rice and remove the dirty water. You should then put the rice in a cooker and let it cook until it is ready. This should take around thirty to forty five minutes. As the rice is cooking, you can mix the vinegar, salt and sugar in another container or bowl. Once you have mixed it, you should place it in a pan and put on heat until the sugar melts and dissolves. After all this is done, you can then put the cooked rice into a bowl and pour the vinegar sauce over the rice and mix. Some of the most popular products that can go along with this dish include; sliced avocado, strips of carrots and cucumbers. This is one of the best Japanese dishes because of the amount of nutrients that it is able to give to the people who partake of it.

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